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The polka dot print

Many prints have made a comeback over the last few years: animal, houndstooth or even stripes... But the print of the moment is the polka dot. It is back in fashion after many years spent in our closets. This print brings a retro and glamorous side!

In all sizes of polka dots or in many colours, you have a wide range of choices to find a polka dot print piece that you will love! You can wear it in small touches or in total look according to your taste...

I like long dresses with polka dots! These dresses will be with me throughout the summer... I recently fell in love with a black wallet dress with white polka dots from Boohoo! Easy to wear, it gives a chic casual look, perfect to stroll under the sun!

Dried Flowers

Perhaps you have noticed the decorative trend of replacing fresh flowers with dried flowers? Our grandparents used to do it; dried flowers are back in fashion since 2019. This reminds me of Coco Chanel's quote: "Fashion becomes out of date, style never", fashion as well as decoration is a perpetual start over: nothing is lost...

So why adopt dried flowers in your home? First of all, they bring a bohemian touch and can be combined with many styles of decoration. A very important point for me, due to my lifestyle, is the ease of maintenance: they do not fade, no water to change, stems to prune... This trend is also in line with the desire to return to natural materials in terms of decoration such as the trend of rattan or bamboo furniture!

I really like to arrange bouquets or wreaths of dried flowers in my home. You can find them very easily. In fact, many florists specialize in selling dried flowers like Rose Cadaqués who delivers them to your home! My favorite is the Cala Pola bouquet...

The straw hat

The straw hat, sometimes ignored in the past, is nowadays the essential headdress to have in your dressing room. They come in all shapes to satisfy all morphologies. There is the capeline, very elegant to give a chic side to the outfit or the boater or borsalino.

For a timeless style, I advise you to choose a natural straw hat that will last through time. You can also, as I did, choose a more original straw hat with color or accessorized.

I recommend the Benoit Missolin hats. They offer chic and very good quality accessories. My favorite of the moment is the Giovanna n°1 model, a straw hat accessorized with a striped ribbon. I find it chic and perfect to go with a bohemian look.

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