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The extraordinary streets of Paris

In Paris, there are many unique streets to discover, for example: the most colourful, the most flowery... In the 12th arrondissement there is a unique street; the rue Crémieux is the most colourful address in Paris. La Cité fleurie, an eloquent name? During my Parisian excursions, I discovered a bucolic and mysterious place dominated by flowers, shrubs and wild herbs...

Huguette Bistro

With its chic and warm beach cottage atmosphere, this maritime bistro located on rue de Seine invites you straight to an iodized destination!

The Bergamotte House

The workshop-boutique, designed by the architecture agency Label Experience, is a real green area that invites conviviality. Designed as a meeting place, you will be able to attend DIY workshops every week...

Perruche Restaurant

An oasis in the heart of the capital, a 500m2 rooftop that unveils Paris as you have never seen it before. 

The Perfume Studio

Perfuming is an art in itself, a daily ritual full of emotions and memories.

Le Pré Catelan, the three Michelin stars we love!

The dishes I had the chance to taste were wonderful, it was not just a dinner, but an experience.

The Cité Durmar

There are still some hidden and atypical corners of this past in the capital today. The Cité Durmar is one of them.

The Red Children's Market

Paris is a city with many faces that hides atypical places that just few people know. These are places that are still not very popular with tourists but which would benefit from being known because they constitute the soul of this unique city.

The Mouzaïa district

For a few weeks now, a desire to walk the streets of Paris has been in my mind. As you all know, I have always loved strolling around Paris, whether for shopping, in its gardens or to discover the unusual places of the capital, my walks always give me the same pleasure.

The Museum of the Romantics

I have always been a Parisian and sharing my love throughout my articles is a real pleasure. During my writing, I try to convey as much as possible my admiration for the City of Light by making you discover places, events and Parisian addresses that will allow you to live a unique experience that you will not forget. 

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