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Fabric button headboard

Because it is very important to feel good in your home, it is essential to take care of your decoration in order to make your living space as pleasant as possible, especially in your bedroom. A place to relax and escape, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a home and its main asset? It is very easy to decorate. Indeed, a simple headboard can radically change the design of your bedroom and give it a character.

There are several types of headboards, some, often minimalist, are integrated directly into the bed and others can be fixed later by placing them behind the bed base. It is this second category that I want to talk to you about today, since it allows you to be more free in the choice of the decoration of your interior. There are several types: wood, metal, velvet, leather, studded, quilted, round... But the ones I prefer are made of fabric. I believe that they bring a cozy, chic and charming touch to your sleeping area.

In light colours and in combination with natural materials such as a beautiful wooden floor, a wicker armchair and some frames and plants, the headboard in padded fabric brings warmth and serenity to the room. I recently fell in love with the ICEBERG model at Maison du Monde, perfect for my cocooning Sundays!

Le Pigeon Coq, a leather workshop

The DIY is my miracle solution to relax and fight against stress! In Paris, many creative activities allow you to take time for yourself and keep your hands busy. I recently discovered a leather goods workshop that offers to make your own bag: the Pigeon Coq.

I have always dreamed of making my own leather accessories, the Pigeon Coq has made me discover all the techniques related to leather work. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, you will be able to imagine and design yourself a refined and personalised bag as you wish! In addition to bags, you can also make your own belt and small leather goods. 

The little extra? If you can't make it to your own home, it is still possible to try out the concept at home with DIY boxing. It contains not only the leather but also the tools you need to make your own bag!

How to wear the trench coat?

The Trench Coat is a timeless piece of wardrobe, a must-have in our closet! It is THE mid-season jacket that I never leave. But then how do I wear the Trench Coat with style? The advantage of this timeless piece is that it fits every look!

With jeans, a white T-shirt and sneakers: it's the perfect combo for a Casual Chic look!  For a more "Working Girl" outfit, I advise you to wear it with high waist fitted trousers and a small lace camisole. Finally, for a "Preppy Chic" style, wear a frilly blouse, a pretty skirt and babies as shoes.

The ideal Trench Coat? It's up to you to choose the length that suits you: there are many types of Trench Coat, long, medium-long and even short. I chose a long and flared cut at A.P.C., discover my little treasure here

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