The Perfume Studio


Recently, I set off to discover a refined and poetic universe that inspires me every day: perfume. It was in the heart of the capital, in the bend of an alleyway in the Marais, that I had the opportunity to create my own fragrance. 
During this workshop, the perfumer adviser guides you in the composition of an inimitable water, and invites you to let yourself be carried away by the magic of creation. 
To do this, Le Studio des parfums works in collaboration with Galimard, one of the oldest Perfume Houses, founded in 1947 in Grasse, the world's perfume capital.
Each participant is invited to compose with the help of a fragrance organ of more than 180 essences... During 2 hours, you learn to juggle with the bottom, heart and head notes, in search of the perfect harmony. At the end of the workshop, you leave with 30 ml of happiness in your hands. A unique water, a sample of your universe that you can keep or offer to your half.


This experience is an opportunity to let your imagination, your emotions speak for themselves and to titillate your olfactory memory. Each note, each touch evokes a memory or a reflection of your personality: as Christian Dior said, "A woman's perfume says more about her than her writing". 
I am delighted to share with you this exhilarating experience, which I fully recommend. You may have guessed it, but for me perfume is the ultimate accessory, the final note that reveals the character of the person who wears it. Whether it has powdery, floral or spicy notes, I like the idea of being able to shape my olfactory wardrobe, which dresses me for any occasion and transports me according to my desires. 
Perfuming is an art in itself, a daily ritual full of emotions and memories.

 "Love, Fragrance and Elegance"

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