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Exhibition "Cœurs, du Romantisme dans l'Art Contemporain"

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Mlle Inwood

Exhibition "Cœurs, du Romantisme dans l'Art Contemporain"


This year, on the occasion of Valentine's Day, the Musée de la Vie Romantique offers an exhibition dedicated to the representation of the heart as an expression of love. "Cœurs, du Romantisme dans l'Art Contemporain" (Hearts, Romanticism in Contemporary Art) presents very different works of art ranging from painting and sculpture to neon lights and photography. From 14 February to 12 July 2020, you will find a selection of 40 works by around thirty contemporary artists such as Niki de Saint Phalle, Jim Dine and Annette Messager.

The heart is presented in all its forms: as an organ, an aesthetic motif or a symbol. We find the great themes of love in the broadest terms: seduction, love at first sight, declaration, eroticism, break-up, mourning and eternal love. The inauguration will take place on Valentine's Day (what could be more symbolic?), access to this exhibition will exceptionally be free of charge from 10am to 10pm to celebrate this day dedicated to love, with many special animations for the occasion. I therefore invite all lovers of art, music and poetry to go there!


Usually devoted exclusively to Romantic artists, the Musée de la Vie Romantique innovates with this exhibition by introducing contemporary art into its 19th century collections. Indeed, it would appear that the institution wishes to open its galleries to more recent works in the future.

This first exhibition presents an interesting parallel between the Romanticism movement and Contemporary Art from which it would be inspired with several common themes including the expression of feelings and passions, torments, evasion, dreams and ideals.

"Love, Art and Romanticism »


The Epiphany

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Mlle Inwood

The Epiphany

The end of the Christmas holidays

The magic of winter festivities is approaching and it's time to meet your loved ones ! End this period of happiness in beauty, with a warm moment : the Epiphany. Being very attached to this time of the year, the magic of Christmas brings me back to my childhood memories where sharing and conviviality reigned within my family. The tradition of the Galette des Rois is the very symbol of these principles. Indeed, it was customary to cut as many portions as there were guests, plus one, for the first poverty-stricken person to arrive. But that's not all, once used for the election of magistrates among the Greeks, the bean is now widely talked about at the table. In order to add cheerfulness to the meal, she will elect the king and queen of the day. Fine gourmet, it is essential for me to rediscover this celebration every year with a new galette with extraordinary flavours created by our talented French pastry chefs.

Gourmet delights at the rendezvous

In order to share with you my taste desires for the year 2020, I would be happy to give you the names or addresses to discover ! Give way to the originality that is on the agenda for this year. Cereals, pistachios, cocoa rum, tea, meringue, Tatin or Arlette style, our chefs such as Cédric Grolet, François Daubinet, Éric Kayser or Laurent Duchêne and many others, never cease to surprise us by innovating their recipes each year. For the purists of the traditional Galette des Rois, no worries, Nina Métayer pays a pretty tribute to Notre-Dame-De-Paris with a gourmet galette, covered with a tile made according to a 3D hold of one of the monument's rose windows.

A typical dish, the Galette des Rois never ceases to amaze with its shapes and flavours. For all tastes, it will always agree with you and will allow you to attend a festive moment around a table with family or friends. So get ready to surprise your guests, so that this year will be full of memories until next year!

"Love, Sharing and Elegance"


When Winter comes to Paris

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Mlle Inwood

When Winter comes to Paris


Often, we think that summer is the best time to enjoy a destination. But Paris is different. There is no better time to fall under in love of the City of Light. This city remains equal to itself, whatever the season, whatever the weather conditions.
The summer season has some significant attractions, who could resist a walk on the banks of the Seine on a summer evening?  My favorite time of the year is winter. I am never tired of admiring, wrapped up in my winter coat, this snow-covered urban landscape. For a moment, time seems to stop: as if paralysed, the Parisian agitation calms down, and the streets are emptied, giving way to a show marked by tranquillity and poetry.


I look forward to the period to enjoy the magic of the Christmas markets. This year, let’s meet at the crossroads between the Huchette district, boulevard Saint-Germain and Notre-Dame district for an authentic experience: we discover the products of local craftsmen and producers, ideal for last minute attention! 
After shopping, I take the opportunity to be in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés to take a break in the iconic Café de Flore. The hot chocolate of this historic café is an institution, a must when you visit Paris.
In the evening, head for the world's largest ephemeral indoor ice skating rink. It is under the Nave of the Grand Palais, from 10am to 2am that young and old meet to skate in an enchanting and idyllic setting. An unusual experience, which I am delighted to repeat every year!
I hope that these few words have made you want to discover Paris in winter, because it is by far an unforgettable experience!

"Love, Authenticity and Traditions"


Discovering open-air opera

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Mlle Inwood

Discovering open-air opera


Summer is coming and the search for outdoor activities is driving my days. Indeed, relaxing under the Parisian sun always gives me immense pleasure. To enjoy Paris in summer, some places are essential, such as the Tuileries garden, the Buttes Chaumont or the Plants garden. Green spaces that will make you discover the Parisian summer life that I love so much. However, this year, I have a desire for change and finding atypical outings like Paris is one of my objectives. It is with this in mind that I learned about open-air cinema, the little-known districts of the capital and music festivals. In all my research, one event directly aroused my curiosity thanks to its originality, the open-air opera.


For me opera is a classical art, synonymous with a past in which I am not particularly interested despite the fact that my parents listen to it regularly and this music rocked my childhood. However, the open-air opera approach intrigues me enormously and attending one of the concerts during the summer will be a real pleasure. Indeed, through this approach the organizers wish to modernize the aging image of this art in order to open it to a wider audience not used to going to the opera such as myself, a challenge that seems to win because these outdoor performances are more and more recognized year after year. In addition, operas are always held in mythical places in Paris, such as the Hotel National des Invalides, an opportunity to discover Parisian monuments in a new way.
I am therefore convinced that open-air opera is the atypical activity not to be missed this summer, an opportunity to spend a unique moment that you will not forget. 

“Love, opera and elegance”


The Paris-London Music Migration Exhibition

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Mlle Inwood

The Paris-London Music Migration Exhibition


I have always been a Parisian and transmitting my love of Paris to you through my articles is a real pleasure. As you may have guessed, I am very attached to my hometown, but that doesn't mean I'm a homebody.  Indeed, I love travelling and going abroad is one of my many passions. I had the chance to discover many countries in the 4 corners of the world, but yet one of my favourite destinations is located 2H from Paris, it is London. The English capital is a cosmopolitan, dynamic and historic city in which I like to travel regularly to meet London friends and visit the latest trendy exhibitions. When you think about it, Paris and London are extremely similar cities in which we find the same atmosphere between history and modernity. For me, they are almost twin cities and this is mainly due to their common history.


It is in this spirit that the Museum of the History of Immigration located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris has built the exhibition Paris-London Music Migrations, an event that offers you a trip to London until 5 January 2020. Immerse yourself in an enchanting, dynamic and pop universe between music and history rediscover the 70s, 80s and 90s as you have never seen them before. This exhibition traces the similarities between these two cities through the multiple musical currents that have transformed these capitals into multicultural megacities. Paris-London Music Migrations presents more than 600 documents and works of art related to real music, by musical and visual experience, it will make you spend unique moments. An original exhibition that I particularly appreciated, which allows you to spend an afternoon on an unusual journey through a typically Parisian museum.

“Love, culture and elegance”

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