The Museum of the Romantics

I have always been a Parisian and sharing my love throughout my articles is a real pleasure. During my writing, I try to convey as much as possible my admiration for the City of Light by making you discover places, events and Parisian addresses that will allow you to live a unique experience that you will not forget. 

As you know, Paris is full of history. It is the cradle of many artistic movements. This city has inspired many artists in many fields ranging from writing to music and cinema. Art is therefore sublimated in this capital with its unique atmosphere conducive to creation. I would like to write to you today about an artistic movement that I particularly like, very present in Paris in the middle of the 19th century, represented by Victor Hugo, Géricault or de Musset, The Romanticism. 


Romanticism is a movement in the same way as Cubism or Impressionism. All romantic works have the same objective, to awaken our feelings by putting emotions before reason in order to touch us deeply. I particularly appreciate Romantic works because they send a simple and profound message.

A place, hidden in the heart of the 9th arrondissement of Paris in the Nouvelle-Athènes district, perfectly embodies this thought by sublimating the Romantic works, the museum of the Romantics. Through its permanent and temporary exhibitions, this magnificent private building at the back of the courtyard is a typical Parisian place not to be missed. It will amaze you both by the works on display and by its Haussmann architecture. You will discover all the great works of Romanticism as well as a small atypical restaurant. The Museum of th Romantics is an essential Parisian address to spend a unique moment that you will not forget.

“Love, romanticism and elegance"

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