The extraordinary streets of Paris

La rue Crémieux, the most colourful street in Paris

Haussmann-style buildings dominate Paris and we enjoy it. In fact, sixty percent of Paris is composed of Haussmann-style buildings. I have always loved this style. To me, it is a true reflection of French elegance. However, in the 12th arrondissement hides a unique street. La rue Crémieux is the most colourful address of Paris. This small street of 144 meters is composed of buildings with colourful facades: green to number 21, blue to number 22, purple to number 23, yellow to number 24... When I first discovered this address, I was amazed by all these colours. These pavilions give an incomparable charm to this unique pedestrian street. For a while, I escaped from Paris and landed in a typical Italian village with its warm and exotic colours.


La Cité Fleurie, a secret garden in the heart of Paris

La Cité fleurie, an eloquent name? During my Parisian excursions, I discovered a bucolic and mysterious place dominated by flowers, shrubs and wild herbs. Indeed, in this street, there are no well-cut shrubs and "perfect" flowers... Nature has taken over these rights; which makes the charm of this little piece of flowered paradise located in the 13th arrondissement.

More than a flowery street, the district is a place where the souls of artists are crowded. I learned that in the 70s, this mysterious place was threatened by real estate development. However, thanks to the mobilization of its inhabitants and the city of Paris, la Cité Fleurie was saved after years of fight. Today it is a protected place that is home for artists. In their studios or in the gardens, they spend their day creating, being inspired, painting, sculpting?


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