Julien welcomes you at the Elysia, our 5-star hotel. This Inwood Lover receptionist wishes to share with us his love for luxury and fashion. To do so, he takes us to discover one of Paris fashion’s highest spot: the Avenue Montaigne.

Julien recommends Avenue Montaigne, address of the great couturiers

Close to the Champs-Élysées, you will find Avenue Montaigne, one of the most luxurious avenues in the world. This avenue is the address of some of the biggest haute couture brands such as Dior, Versace, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and much more.

 It was during a photo shoot that Julien had the chance to go to the famous avenue.
He tells us, with eyes full of stars, that he was seduced by all these luxury boutiques with magnificent fronts. To quote him, he considers that «Avenue Montaigne is the French elegance!»

“Elegant, chic and trendy”.

Julien explains to us that he felt like enchanted by the elegance and luxury of the avenue. This is why he advises you to walk there and, like him, admire the shops that are on your way: «stroll in front of the beautiful shops, and marvel at this typically Parisian avenue.». He quotes the words that this place inspires him: “elegant, chic and trendy”.

To make the most of your trip, Julien also advises you to arrive by the Franklin Roosevelt roundabout, at the bottom of the Champs-Élysées, to go up the avenue towards the Pont de l'Alma. He tells us: « you will feel as if you are living a waking dream, when you see the Eiffel Tower appear in front of you, at the end of the avenue. ».

So don’t wait any longer, and set off to discover this mythical avenue, to admire the know-how of the world’s greatest designers.