Manon has joined the Inwood team for 1 year now. Our Inwood Lover is a Marketing Assistant. She wanted to share with us her experience at the House Garden Beer and Cocktail Bar, which made her feel like home.


House Garden is a new Parisian bar located in the 11th arrondissement, in the Charonne district. This bar stands out for its warm staff and its offer of organic beers and «low ABV» cocktails (low Alcohol By Volume). Indeed, the bar aims to make you feel at home, while offering a rich and well-built cocktail range, which is not to displease Manon and her friends.

Indeed, our Lover discovered this bar with friends for an aperitif, which was enough to make him feel strong: «what first impressed me was the very relaxed and friendly way that the waiter approached us and talked about the card» she tells us.


Since its opening in July 2019, the House Garden has attracted fans such as Manon of the « drinking better » philosophy, that is to say to prefer drinks and cocktails whose development is environmentally friendly and organic.

The bartenders at House Garden offer original and low-alcohol cocktails. Everything is of quality and worked with professionalism, and this in a warm and uninhibited setting. It’s like being in a mixologist’s house!” Manon explains.

During her visit, Manon ordered the “East to West” cocktail, composed of Riesling, apple and cinnamon syrup, yellow lemon and Spiced bitters. She was very surprised by her taste, because according to her: we manage to identify the taste of each ingredient thanks to the freshness of each of them. I highly recommend it!”

 So for your next meeting with friends, do not hesitate to visit the House Garden, for a moment of conviviality and unique tasting in Paris.