He has made the street of the world his playground since the 90s, yet, his face and name are still a mystery today. Unmissable in the street art world, Banksy has always known how to make people talk about him without even revealing his identity. This year, the Espace Lafayette-Drouot is devoting 1.200 m2 to him with the reconstitution of more than 100 of his work in real size, all in an immersive setting that is truer than ever.

Known for his poignant and sometimes outrageous works depicting societal facts and even politicians in unique ways, Banksy takes the side of pacific revolt through the art of stenciling. Among his most known works are “The Little Girl with a Balloon” painted in London in the 2000s, “Love is in the Air” painted in Israel as an injunction for calm and peace, “Banksy’s Door” painted on the exit door of the Bataclan as a tribute to the victims of November 2015 and one of the most recants, “Game Changer” an homage to the caregivers of the world for their dedication through the coronavirus pandemic. All these works are to be discovered at the Espace Lafayette-Drouot in the exhibition The World of Banksy.

AN EXHIBITION OUT OF ITS TIME                          

When we hear “immersive experience”, we tend to think of virtual reality glasses and holograms, here it has nothing to do with a futuristic experience but definitely a real one. Banksy’s works have been reproduced identically, from the supports (brick walls, concrete or canvas) to the exact dimensions, all in an atmosphere reproducing a walk in the city. The sound effects are more real than life; with the New York sirens we could almost believe we are in the heart of Manhattan.

Thanks to this exhibition, we were able to discover and rediscover the works of the most mysterious of street artists, Banksy, and we were subjugated by the reflection that they create, they open to debate and introspection. Each one unique in its kind and not transcribing the same message, we loved diving into the world of street art committed to serving all.

Don't miss out to discover this exhibition during your next stay at the Elysia Hotel until December 31st 2021!