The first "art of fire" to appear in the history of craftsmanship, ceramics remains to this day the material most worked by Man. For tableware or decoration, ceramics can be found in all its forms, according to the desires of Man.

This year, it is for its artistic side that ceramics seduces. Vases, pots, bowls, lamps, ceramics will make your interiors and exteriors chic and trendy places to live, with bohemian notes.

A timeless material, ceramics adapts to all tastes thanks to its hand-painted decorations. Colored or neutral, ceramic objects will give a new look to your decors.


As strong supporters of craftsmanship, we ourselves have fallen under the spell of handmade objects. In addition to its material, ceramics seduced us for its uniqueness. The handmade process makes each object unique. Between shapes and colored touches, each ceramic element is a work of art.

For our decoration, we have chosen large terracotta vases. For your interiors, we recommend that you place ceramics in the center of your tables. Plates, dishes, bowls or even carafes, ceramics will make your most beautiful culinary creations shine. In the garden or on the balcony, we suggest colorful pots for your plants as well as small bowls for your candles.

Indoors and outdoors, ceramics is the must have and seduces all decorating enthusiasts. Don't wait any longer, find ceramics in all your favorite decoration stores! 

Don't forget to come and discover our ceramic decorating touches during your next Parisian escapades. Until then, we remain available for the organization of your stays!

See you soon at the Elysia Hotel!