Closed at the end of 2020 for large-scale renovation work, the prestigious monument will not be open to the public until 2024. This work is highly necessary, as it had never been fully restored since it was built for the 1900 Universal Exhibition.

But don't worry, a temporary substitute opened its doors on the Champ de Mars in early 2021. It is on the Place Joffre, facing the Eiffel Tower, that the Temporary Grand Palais now hosts all the events and cultural events usually organised under the iconic Nave of the Grand Palais. More than 20 metres high and covering an area of 10,000 square metres, this imposing building was designed by the architect and urban designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte, who also worked on the restructuring of the prestigious Parisian palace Le Lutecia, the Station F, and the new headquarters of LVMH. Believe us, the architecture of the building is worth a look!


International Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC), Saut Hermès and Chanel fashion shows, as well as the much-anticipated Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Temporary Grand Palais will be at the heart of Parisian news for the next three years. The architecture and construction of the Grand Palais must therefore highlight "the cultural, environmental and sporting aspirations of our time", underlines the RMN - Grand Palais. For this reason, it is planned that after the 2024 Olympic Games, the building will be completely disassembled and its parts sent to the various sites around the world for reuse. It must also be energy self-sufficient and respect both the harmony of the landscape and the tranquillity of the local residents.

Don't miss to discover this temporary monument during your next stay at the Elysia hotel! Located a few metro stations away, the hotel's ideal location allows you to reach the area very quickly. See you soon, for a stay full of romance and enchantment in the heart of Paris!

Photo credits: © Wilmotte & Associés Architectes