Need a moment just for two? Want to go out for a romantic evening? We propose you an evening in a typical place for a date: a movie session...

You are in Paris...and you have not slowed down once on the visits of museums and monuments, on the dinners in bars and restaurants...? Hours of walking and you haven't really settled down for a moment together. So set aside a little evening to decompress, relax, rest and find yourself together!

The cinema is a mythical meeting place for couples. It's a place where you can get closer and decompress. Take the time to enjoy a movie with your partner. Check out the latest movies of the week together, agree on the choice of the movie, and then head to the theater to watch!

In Paris, there is no lack of movie theaters. But there are only a few that offer a very different concept. We have selected for you three unusual and original cinemas in the middle of the capital of love...


We thus recommend you:

For the very first, the cinemas nicknamed "the romantic cinemas", MK2 Bibliothèque at the François Mitterrand library and the one Quai de Loire in the 19th district. The theaters of these cinemas are equipped with "Love Seats" where you can raise the armrests of the seats in order to snuggle up in each other's arms, embracing each other in front of the movie. A moment where you will be in your own bubble, in your own cocoon. The "loveseat" chair was designed by Martin Szekely. For the preference of film category, the Quai de Loire cinema offers blockbusters, while the Quai de Seine is more famous for showing auteur films.

For the second, the cinema Le Grand Rex! It is the biggest cinema in Europe with a surface of 300 square meters. It has a gigantic screen with a huge room. You will be amazed and immersed in the film. This cinema also offers L'Ecran Pop. Cult movies are projected in karaoke version. Everyone sings in the room, it's a guaranteed atmosphere! And if you have been charmed by this historical monument, there is also the possibility to visit Rex Studios.

For the last one, the cinema Studio 28 located on the hillock in Montmartre. It was first dedicated only to the research and discovery of cinematographic artworks. It was a meeting place where many artists rubbed shoulders: Jean Cocteau, Luis Buñuel... We advise you to arrive about fifteen minutes before your session in order to take advantage of the bar to sip a drink together, eye to eye. In this establishment reigns the typical atmosphere of the Parisian Art cinemas.  Special feature: there is a different film every day!