As you know, Paris is full of history. It is the cradle of many artistic movements. This city has inspired many artists in multiple fields, ranging from writing to music to cinema. Art is therefore sublimated in this capital that has such a unique atmosphere, conducive to creation. Today we would like to share with you our admiration for an artistic movement that we particularly love, very present in the Paris of the 19th century, embodied by Victor Hugo, Géricault but also Musset, Romanticism.

Romanticism, is a great movement of thought in the same way as Cubism or Impressionism. All romantic works have the same goal, to awaken our feelings by putting emotions before reason in order to touch us deeply. We therefore particularly appreciate the Museum of Romantic Life and its works of art that send a simple and profound message.


A little-known place, hidden in the heart of the 9th arrondissement of Paris in the Nouvelle – Athens district, perfectly embodies this thought by sublimating the Romantic works, the Museum of Romantic Life. Through its permanent and temporary exhibitions, this magnificent townhouse located at the end of a courtyard, is a typical Parisian place not to be missed. It will amaze you by the works on display as well as by its Haussmannian architecture. You will discover all the great works of Romanticism.

To make the most of your next visit, we recommend that you go there at the opening time, at 10am, to be able to roam the corridors of the museum without any inconvenience. Also, we strongly advise you to visit the temporary exhibitions in addition to the permanent collection, to keep you informed of the latest trends of the Romantic movement.

Finally, to access it, we favour public transport. Indeed, you can arrive at the museum by 2 different metro lines: line 2 (Pigalle or Blanche stop) and line 12 (Pigalle or Saint-Georges stop). So you won’t have to worry about finding a parking space or paying for one.

 The Museum of Romantic Life is therefore a must-see Parisian address to spend a unique moment that you will not soon forget.