Tea time, originating from England, is more than just a tradition, it's a friendly moment shared with family or friends, marked by the enjoyment of tea and some delightful treats. This British custom has transcended borders, delighting the taste buds of tea enthusiasts worldwide.

Today, this delightful and warm experience continues to bring joy to those who appreciate life's simple pleasures, bringing people together over a cup of tea and delicate treats. Elysia invites you to experience an exceptional and refined tea time in a charming and unique setting. Discover a unique experience where exceptional Dammann teas, savory delights, and pastries crafted by renowned chef Carl Marletti come together harmoniously.

Immerse yourself in a memorable afternoon, where each moment becomes an unforgettable memory, infused with exquisite flavors and a timeless atmosphere. Let yourself be captivated by this perfect combination, creating a gourmet interlude in your day.


Carl Marletti, a pastry chef by passion


The chef reveals his love for pastry after training at the Etiolle hotel school and completing several internships at renowned establishments. Under the guidance of mentors like Bernard Erctor and Patrick Campagnol, he flourishes in learning new techniques and the art of decoration.

As a pastry lover, Marletti shares his passion through creations reflecting his love for flavors discovered during his travels worldwide. In 2009, his exceptional skills are recognized when he is named the best pastry chef of the year and wins titles for the best lemon tart, best strawberry cake, and best mille-feuille in Paris.

In 2007, he opens his first boutique, marking his creations with a distinctive signature: a delicate silver leaf.

The collaboration between Chef Marletti and Le Bayadère resumes in 2021 for the hotel's reopening. Beyond the typical professional relationship, a true alliance is formed characterized by constant exchanges and attentive listening.

Chef Marletti, like Le Bayadère, places special importance on using seasonal ingredients and creatively incorporating flowers, a major inspiration for him. His iconic pastry, the "Lilly Valley," reminiscent of a Saint-Honoré with a delightful touch of violet, is influenced by his wife, a florist.

Within three months, his pastries stand out for their precision, indulgence, and a palpable human touch. Chef Marletti's imprint becomes a true added value to our gastronomic offer, delighting even the most demanding palates. His pastries pair perfectly with Dammann teas, offering a high-end and truly unique sensory experience.

To offer an exceptional tea time, we provide you with a carefully selected variety of teas from the prestigious Maison des Frères Dammann. Founded in 1692, this iconic institution holds a special place in the tea world, known for the exceptional quality of its teas and infusions. Dammann Frères continues to dazzle tea enthusiasts with subtle creations and exquisite blends, perpetuating a tradition centuries old.

Dammann Frères has built a global reputation over the centuries, focusing on excellence and quality. The commitment of this legendary institution is evident in its relentless pursuit of offering some of the world's finest teas. The meticulous selection of hand-picked tea leaves, treated with special care, demonstrates the attention to preserving the plant's subtle aromas.

Beyond excellence, Dammann Frères' renowned lies in its original and daring blends. The master blenders achieve the perfect balance between flavors, creating unique compositions that combine tea leaves, herbs, and aromas. This distinctive approach ensures a delightful taste experience, where each sip reveals a harmonious marriage of flavors.

While respecting the fundamentals of tea, Dammann Frères stands out for its creativity and innovative spirit in flavor exploration. By venturing into new taste horizons, it broadens the boundaries of the art of tea, offering connoisseurs an exceptional sensory experience with each tasting.

Tea enthusiasts, get ready to succumb to an unforgettable taste experience! Our diverse selection, divided into five distinct categories, has been carefully crafted to satisfy all palates: green teas, black teas, white teas, a selection of Damman Rooibos, and infusions.

For lovers of timeless classics, we recommend our Minty Tea, an essential peppermint green tea, or the Earl Grey, an everlasting tea flavor that will surely delight your taste buds. If you're looking for something indulgent and comforting, let yourself be seduced by the "Carrot Cake" flavor, revealing subtle hints of spices and nuts, or opt for the irresistible Salted Caramel for a gourmet and delightful experience.

Fans of fruity and floral flavors will be delighted by the "Passion de Fleurs," a delicate blend combining enchanting aromas of roses, flower petals, and apricots. Whether you prefer classic flavors or seek originality, our selection offers a range of choices to satisfy every preference.

Dive into the world of Dammann teas and discover a captivating palette of tastes that will please every palate and desire!