Dear Lovers,

Simply thank you. Thank you for this year 2021, thank you for your trust but also thank you for believing in us since the opening of our hotel last June. 10,000 times thank you. Because yes, in such a short time, you have been more than 10,000 to follow us on Instagram, to share with us the beginning of this so beautiful adventure. With you, these are the first pages of the life of the Elysia that were written during these last six months. So thank you for everything, thank you for being you.

These six months have been intense in emotions and our heart has never beaten so much! When each of you walked through the doors of our hotel, our hearts went boom boom. Every time you liked our Instagram or followed it, it beat harder. But what makes it pound faster is seeing you thriving and happy in our home, with us. Our love for you only grows with each passing day.

So for this year 2022, we offer you the key to our heart, because as you have understood, it belongs to you.

Our team wishes you a beautiful New Year and sends you their best wishes of happiness, success and romance for 2022.

We expect you to be even more numerous this year and remain available to organize your most beautiful romantic moments in Paris!

Happy New Year to you all!