In Paris, the capital of gastronomy, there are countless restaurants and you don’t really know what to choose to treat yourself. Either we always have our regular addresses where we know that the quality-price ratio is interesting, or we try to blindly test some establishments at the risk of being disappointed.

Don’t you worry, we’ve already found ourselves in the same situations, not knowing what to choose: which kitchen? Which chef? What place?

As you know, we love discovering new places, so here’s our solution: avoid going to three or four «reasonable» restaurants in the month, and offer yourself a unique experience by going once in the best of Parisian restaurants : what better than Michelin-starred restaurants?

Between 1, 2 and 3 stars, you’ll be choosing between the 112 hotels in our city of lights.

Among all these institutions or new trendy restaurants, one of the most famous is our favorite, the Pré Catelan.


In the heart of the Bois de Boulogne and 5 minutes from the Champs-Elysées, it is in a magnificent pavilion Napoleon III that Frédéric Anton, exemplary chef and « Meilleur Ouvrier de France », holds the kitchens since 1997. The image and reputation of this establishment are a consecration, thanks to its delicious, modern and fragrant dishes over the years.

Like an artist, Frédéric Anton creates his compositions so that the customer experiences an explosion of flavours, both subtle and detonating.

The dishes we had the chance to taste were wonderful, it was not a simple dinner, but a genuine experience. The teams offer a quality of service without equivalent, the dishes are memorable and the setting is elegant.

So, we advise you to let yourself be tempted by « the Pré Menu », a menu with 8 tastings featuring the best dishes of the restaurant.

Otherwise, if you prefer to experience the Pré Catelan at a lower price, we recommend that you go there at lunch time, and order the menu «A Luncheon at Le Pré Catelan». This menu will allow you to discover the culinary genius of Chef Anton at a more reasonable price.

If you were still hesitating, go ahead, this institution of French gastronomy is one of our hottest recommendations.